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Promote and support solutions to rural hunger and poverty in India via sustainable organic farming and biodiversity conservation and to protect and preserve indigenous knowledge.

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Mixed Cropping

When a number of crops are grown and sown together at the same time on a piece of land it is called mixed cropping. There are a number of patterns of mixed cropping

Aliases (separate with |): Mixed Cropping

This is characterized by the cultivation of a single variety of crop in the same land in each successive planting year. HYV, hybrid and GM sees are palnted using this cropping system.


Monoculture is the cultivation of one kind of plant in a particular area. Monoculture is not natural; in nature, many different plants grow together, taking some nutrients from the soil, water and air, and giving others back. This helps keep the earth in balance. When we cultivate only one type of plant, it takes up all of some nutrients, but leaves others in excess. This makes the earth unbalanced. Monocultures are also more vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Aliases (separate with |): Monocultures

A monopoly is the exclusive possession and control of something. In the political and economic system of capitalism, a person or company can have exclusive possession and control of a supply or trade in a particular commodity or service.

Aliases (separate with |): Monopoly

Monsanto is a US-based multinational biotechnology corporation. It is the leading producer of genetically engineered seed and provides the technology in 90% of the world’s genetically engineered seeds.

Aliases (separate with |): Monsanto
Multinational Corporations (MNCs)

Multinational Corporations are corporations or enterprises that deliver services in more than one country. Many impose a free trade economic system on the Third World to make these countries unable to build their own economy. The 200 richest corporations have more money than almost all the countries of the world combined.

Aliases (separate with |): Multinational Corporations (MNCs)

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