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Bring awareness to the environmental crisis facing India, and its economic and social  impact on rural and farming communities

Promote and support solutions to rural hunger and poverty in India via sustainable organic farming and biodiversity conservation and to protect and preserve indigenous knowledge.

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Relay Cropping

in relay cropping the successive crop is sown before the harvesting or removal of the previous crop. By doing this time can be saved between two croppings. This can be practiced for annual, biennial and perennial crops.

Aliases (separate with |): Relay Cropping
Rotational Cropping

Growing crops one after another on a piece of land is called crop rotation. This can be done by growing the same crop or different crops. The crops may be annual or perennial. Annual crops are rotated according to climatic and seasonal changes. Rotatons such as rice- whear and maize- wheat- mung are examples of annual crop rotations with seasonal crops. Papaya – Pineapple- sugarcane, are an example of rotating biennial crops and rubber followed by coffee, or orange followed by guava are examples of perennial crops.

Aliases (separate with |): Rotational Cropping

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