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Travel to India

Our Mission

Bring awareness to the environmental crisis facing India, and its economic and social  impact on rural and farming communities

Promote and support solutions to rural hunger and poverty in India via sustainable organic farming and biodiversity conservation and to protect and preserve indigenous knowledge.

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Shortly we hope to make your travel to India be more exciting, thought provoking, and uplifting.

We shall be offerring travel itineraries to Navdanya farms in the interior of the country near Delhi, Mumbai, Bhubaneshwar and Jaipur.

With prior contact  Navdanya Coordiantors will be able to accompany you to the Glossary Link OrganicOrganic: If something is organic, it is or was living, or part of living matter. Farms, Seed Banks, Women's centers and Schools  and see the work being done and meet the farmer men and women. We also hope to arrange tours to schools where the Gardens of Hope programs are being instituted.
We do not wish to disrupt the  Farmers' harvesting and planting seasons and school schedules these factors will have to be taken into consideration as the tours are planned

We will request a small fee as a donation to FoN and

Our Programs